• Finished South Asian Desi, True TV Shoot, American Made
  • I am Sag-AFTRA and have been going to their seminars weekly and have been also taking acting classes from On Camera Commercial Classes, Voice Over Commercial Classes, On Camera Scene Study classes to continue to improve my craft and meanwhile have been auditioning as well like for Bourne Legacy Special Agent role
  • I got into Acting Business to entertain people and give them some happiness and effect people’s lives in one way or another but in good ways. What is your why……..
  • I finally joined Sag-Aftra Today Oct 30,2011 and am a union actor now.

    Thank u everyone for all the prayers and help

    Shaun Nac

  • In 2008 I also won the awards for Best Actor by Nassau County Legislature and In 2007 Uthsav Talent Competition

    Hi Guys! Welcome to Shaun Nac’s Website. I hope you guys Enjoy the videos, my resumes and picture galleries of the work i have done until now.

    Fans please send suggestions and any improvement i could do to my website at [email protected]

    Thanking all of you

    Shaun Nac

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